Things to Do in Beau Vallon

Things to Do in Beau Vallon

Restaurants & Pizzeria

Restaurants          Restaurants          Restaurants

  1. Baobab Pizzeria
  2. La Fontaine Pizzeria
  3. La Plage Restaurant & Pizzeria
  4. Sun Coco Pizzeria
  5. Mahek Restaurant
  6. Gecko Bar (Savoy Hotel)
  7. Ocean Deck Bar (Coral Strand Hotel)
  8. Famous Resto-Bar
  9. Boat House Restaurant


Things To Do/Activities

Things To Do          Things To Do          Things To Do

  1. Diving Centers
  2. Beauty Parlor
  3. Water Sport Activities
  4. Bazar Labrin (Wednesdays)



Shopping          Shopping          Shopping

  1. Shops
  2. Supermarket
  3. Souvenir Shops